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Weekly Workout Recap: 02/13/14 – 02/19/17

Hey guys!

So I thought I’d start sharing my weekly workouts with you and hoping that you, my readers, will find this motivating and useful. I’ve been logging my weekly workouts on my journal/logbook since the beginning of the year as one of my new year’s resolutions and it really helped me to stay focused and motivated.

Here’s my workout for the week: 02/13/17 – 02/19/17

  • Monday: Taught a 60 min. Zumba class
    Took a 60 min. Barre class at The Dailey Method
  • Tuesday:Taught a  60 min. Zumba class
    (Valentines Day)
  • Wednesday: Taught a 60 min. Zumba class
  • Thursday: Took a 65 min. Vinyasa Yoga class at MyNuLifStudio
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Taught a 60 min. Zumba class
  • Sunday: Rest

Overall, I felt great after doing all these workouts. The Barre class got me sore for a couple of days and the Yoga was such a stress reliever!

Here’s a tip: Combining/adding Cardio,Stretch and Resistance/Strengthening to your workout plan will help achieve your fitness goals.

Why not start logging your workouts? It’s not too late start now. 😉

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