Tips With This Long Curly Hairstyle

TIPS with this long curly hairstyle 2019 curly hair tutorials. Since you have a round face shape, you need it with a beautiful hairstyle flatter women with more weight around your face, you will be very to find this curly long hairstyle to your favorite round face, below I have a few detailed steps that you can order, have a similar hairstyle.

Do the basics: At this point you need to know the basics of preparing your hair for a new hairstyle, and these include washing your hair with hair conditioner, cold water and dry them with a small heat gun or a towel.

Use natural methods to create curls: You might be tired with a curling iron, because they expose your cute long hair to excessive heat, which damages your hair sometimes, so you need to opt for a natural way of creating curls. In this case, you will keep your hair from behind and create a temporary ponytail that you undo after 24 hours, but you must do this when your hair is damp. Or you can use a temporary braid style, this will turn your long hair, sleep in braids and undo in the morning.

Sweep your hair on the sides: Get a good example of the lady in the picture above. Siding reduce your curly hair, do your round face, giving you a nice makeover.

Maintain the curls: Now that you have similar curls in your long hair, you need to take care of your curly hair, so these curls do not fade. You can do this by spraying your hair once a day, so that it remains moist to do, also avoid combing curly hair, this will stretch all the curls. You can also a saloon to get the regular maintenance of this hairstyle.