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#Photosnaps Water Taxi Ride

I hope you guys had a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with joy and laughter with your friends and family. It’s been really hot in the Bay Area lately, it’s kind of unusual especially in San Francisco. My friend who lives in San Francisco even told me about how hot it was in her neighborhood and she’s melting! usually it’s foggy there. I heard it’s going to be hot for the rest of the week. I hope it will start to cool down soon.

Anyways, I want to share with you about my little adventure in the city. I was so bored and hot at home that I decided to go to Pier 39 and wander around then I found a booth that had a sign says “Taxi Ride” and it’s only $10 so I’m thinking… $10 for a boat ride, that’s a good deal and I love to get on a boat to get away from the crowd and the chaos for a bit, so I got on the boat.

I got on to a cute little boat that can only carry about 10 passengers including the captain. He told us a little history about Pier 39 and how it changed over the years. It was about 30 minute ride total, not bad for a $10 ride.

Ahhh…. The sound of the water,the cool breeze,the waves,the view… It was so relaxing! I was able to relax,clear my head and just enjoy the moment. I’m so glad did it!

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