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No-Equipment Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Let’s say ten, maybe fifteen years ago, people could have easily said that they did not even try to work out not because they couldn’t afford the expensive gym fees but because their lifestyle is not as stagnant as ours sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day plus, there are not that much preservatives and chemicals added on their food. But these days, our lifestyle, the food we eat, we really have no excuse not to get fit. But gym membership fee’s are too expensive!

We’ll, since we live in an era where everything you need is just a click away, the best options can be found in the internet. For example, a lot of professional trainers are sharing their exercise routines through interviews and social media. You can find countless video tutorials/routines on YouTube. In addition, there are thousands of workout tips and routines written all over health magazines and fitness blogs. Seems like we are being spoiled for having so many choices when it comes to choosing a workout that suits our lifestyle.

Even if you cannot afford gym equipment, or you don’t have the budget for a gym membership, you can still perform the best exercise routines to hit your problem areas, assuming that you know the no-equipment needed type of cardio exercises?

There are certain cardio exercises that burns fat and helps you increase your stamina that you can do anywhere, any time without spending a single cent. For example, running, walking, swimming, and hiking. You can also try our list of no-equipment exercise routines, brought to you by the experts themselves.

Popsugar fitness’s full body workout

Popsugar fitness always dishes out the best workout routines for any level, lifestyle or season. With this workout, all you need is a chair, a wall and the printed version of this workout so you can do it anywhere. This 20-minute workout is perfect for the busy bodies who can’t afford to spare an hour to exercise but who want to work every muscle in their body.

The Tracy Anderson method

Image via Tracy Anderson Method, Instagram

Have you ever heard about this pint-sized personal trainer? Maybe not, but you might have seen her work flaunted on the bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, all of whom have been trained by her. Focusing on sculpting lean figures, Tracy Anderson works the bodies of the elite in the Hamptons on most days but with her no-equipment workout videos like the ones focusing on toning the arms or the abs, you can have the body of a celebrity without spending a penny.

Yoga sequences

These days, you can find anything online and it is no surprise that you can also find a yoga sequence for any level and for any ache or mood. On Yoga Journal, there are sequences to cater for whatever your body needs like this beginners’ sequence to ease back pain or this intermediate set of poses to start your morning on a refreshing note.

The Tabata workout

If you are looking for a no-equipment, high intensity workout, then this fat-blasting, full-body Tabata workout is the one to choose. Another great find by Popsugar fitness will “blast calories,” it’s fun, and you will move so much that it is hard to get bored. With each move, you repeat it at a maximum speed for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and so on, repeating this cycle for 8 times.

Listen to Emily Cook Harris

Another personal trainer to welcome in your home, Emily Cook Harris, head coach of Empowered in New York City shared her high intensity, no-equipment workout so you can workout “no matter where you are.” Sharing the routine on Self Magazine, this 16-minute sequence will make you push yourself to the limit so you can burn calories fast in very little time.

The 50 Greatist

If you prefer to stick to what you know − the traditional moves that we all hate because they are so hard to do and that we all love because they work – then The Greatest has come up with a list of the 50 best body weight exercises you can do any time, anywhere. All you need to do is carry the list around with you!

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