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Lovely Travels: New York

It’s nice to go somewhere far from your normal routine/environment once in while; it excites you,inspires you to try new things (a good way to get new ideas),you get to meet new people/friends and you get to know yourself more.

A few of my friends and followers asked me to make a list of places I visited from the trip, so here I am now writing this post for you! Continue Reading

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#Photosnaps Water Taxi Ride

I hope you guys had a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with joy and laughter with your friends and family. It’s been really hot in the Bay Area lately, it’s kind of unusual especially in San Francisco. My friend who lives in San Francisco even told me about how hot it was in her neighborhood and she’s melting! usually it’s foggy there. I heard it’s going to be hot for the rest of the week. I hope it will start to cool down soon. Continue Reading

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Snippets of My Los Angeles Trip

Hello Friends!

I was able to do things I’ve been meaning to do like planning on a trip, going on an adventure,meeting old/new friends and just making new memories. I also took a Zumba training class earlier this year and became a certified Zumba Instructor. Now I’m teaching a class in San Francisco and hoping to teach elsewhere in the Bay Area when I’m experienced enough to do it (will you join my class?) 🙂 Continue Reading