Is The Multimasking is Really Good for Hair Health?

The new way to hair care.
We tend to classify our locks as being only dry, only frizzy, or only oily, but we can actually have different needs for different sections of our hair. Besides, depending on periods, hormonal changes in the body and other factors, hair care should be different.

So what is the multimasking for hair?
Hair care is as important as skin care. If you rarely wash your head or do not look after the scalp, there is the high risk that dead skin cells, dirt, and oils can cover the scalp and prevent growing new and healthy hairs.

In addition, the structure of the hair is really different in different places. Hair is thicker closer to the roots and reacts to any treatment. Closer to the tips, the hair is more porous and damaged.

Thus, correctly chosen masks according to the needs of different areas of hair and scalp will allow to handle hair properly and treat hair according to its needs. Such an approach makes the hair stronger, cleans it from the products of decay and excessive secretion.

How to do it in practice?
The most important thing is to understand that your hair is divided into 3 different areas. For each area should be chosen the right hair product. All three masks should be applied for the same period.
The most optimal action plan is this:
Choose a peeling or cleansing mask for hair roots and hair scalp. Apply the mask for hair shine to the middle hair area, and choose a restoring product for hair  tips.
For best result – divide the hair into sections and massage each of them separately so that the product penetrates the hair structure as best as possible.
Apply different masks with a special brush. Apply the remedy exactly to the selected area.

Use multimasking technique 1-2 times a week and enjoy clean, moisturized and beautiful hair!
Hope this article is useful for you! Take care of yourself!

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