How to Meet Spring with Healthy Hair

After winter hair usually gets tired and exhausted. Causes – frequent washing and styling because of hats and central heating batteries, the cold and smog of city streets, temperature drops, reduced immunity, lack of sunlight and vitamins. These factors increase the dehydration of the scalp, and hair looks stale. Hair becomes more dry and lifeless, or on the contrary become more greasy, quickly get dirty and require washing and styling, which further dehydrates and damages hair.
Follow these simple rules to keep your hair healthy during cold winter period:

  • Use moisturizing conditioners, balsams, and masks. Try to apply them from tips to roots, as if rubbing the remedy under the hair scales, so that the nutrients penetrate deeper. Rinse the hair thoroughly so that hair will stay fresh for longer. Do masks regularly. The use of indelible products will give the hair shine and a well-groomed appearance. However, do not overdo – otherwise, the hair will be heavy and look stale.


  • Regularly massage your scalp with your hands or a comb, 30-60 minutes before washing your hair. Enrich the diet with vegetables, herbs, spices, berries, drink herbal teas. Make oil and warming masks (as, for example, masks with mustard, cinnamon, onions). Move more, do sports, avoid stress.


  • Nowhere to get out of this, the hat – it’s still the most effective protection means from the cold, not only for the head but for your hair. Try to choose the hat with a lining of natural materials, so it will not provoke the occurrence of static hair. And in the transport, remove the hat, to avoid a greenhouse effect.


  • In winter it is better to abandon the cardinal experiments with hair coloring, during this period additional stress can worsen their appearance much more. Remember that spring is ahead, the time for new colors, haircuts, and chic ringlets comes. The main thing to meet it with healthy hair!

In winter, hair is damaged not only by weather factors but also from dehydration, lack of nutrients and the use of hot tools. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the issue from the defense in a comprehensive manner.


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