How to Dye Your Hair at Home

Hair coloring is the most common procedure for changing the overall look. However, home experiments with hair often fail. To avoid this, always remember the basic rules of hair coloring at home.

Test the hair dye for allergies
A lot of girls prefer to ignore this step. And this can lead to sad results: allergies, rash or swelling of Quincke. So do not be lazy, and put a little dye on your wrist, or on the area under your elbow.

Choose color of your tone or darker
To be delighted with the result, choose a new color in your tone or darker. Lighter colors are recommended only for unpainted hair, and the gradation should be no more than two or three tones lighter for brunettes, and 3-4 for blondes. The dyed hair from the dye will not become lighter.

The dye does not lighten the color
It is the main rule to remember when coloring at home. So, if you want to have much lighter hair, at first you need to lighten hair to a certain level, and then to shade in the desired color. Naturally, this procedure is better not to do it yourself, as a result, will not be ideal.

Correct the coloring scheme
For even hair coloring, start to apply the hair dye from the back of the head, and then go to the front of the head. The thing is that the hair on the back of the head colors the worst, so it needs more time for the result. Also remember, at the beginning you need to color roots, wait 20 minutes, and only then color the length. So you will keep the hair in excellent condition, and it will not dry up.

Mask after staining
To make your hair beautiful and silky apply the mask for colored hair on the length of the hair after the dyeing procedure, wrap the hair with food film and wait for 30 minutes. Then wash it with warm water. It will make your hair silky and shiny.

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