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Why Low Calorie Diets Will Kill Your Efforts To Lose Weight

If you are considering using one of the many low-calorie diets out there to lose weight, then you should think again.

On the face of it a low-calorie diet seems to make sense. I mean the reason that you are probably overweight is that you are storing excessive calories as fat. It seems to make sense that if you drastically cut back on calories, you will lose weight. Continue Reading

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April 2016 Workout Playlists

Let me take you back in time as this month’s playlist is about the 80’s, imagine the Jane Fonda workout era wearing bright-colored tights,leotards, leg warmers and a headband. I was inspired to make this 80’s workout playlist by our 80’s Zumba Party in San Francisco two weeks ago. We had an amazing time dancing for two hours and the students/participants had tons of fun and energy. It was a successful turn out. Continue Reading

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May 2016 Workout Playlists

Here’s to another workout playlist! This is month’s playlist is about high intense,head banging,hardcore beats for the fitness enthusiasts. I made this playlist when I was trying to channel my inner foxy,bad-ass self to make a fun dance routine for my class. Sometimes you have to get out of the box to make an amazing idea.
So here’s my workout playlist for this month. I hope you like them. 🙂 Continue Reading

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No-Equipment Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Let’s say ten, maybe fifteen years ago, people could have easily said that they did not even try to work out not because they couldn’t afford the expensive gym fees but because their lifestyle is not as stagnant as ours sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day plus, there are not that much preservatives and chemicals added on their food. But these days, our lifestyle, the food we eat, we really have no excuse not to get fit. But gym membership fee’s are too expensive! Continue Reading