Tips With This Long Curly Hairstyle

TIPS with this long curly hairstyle 2019 curly hair tutorials. Since you have a round face shape, you need it with a beautiful hairstyle flatter women with more weight around your face, you will be very to find this curly long hairstyle to your favorite round face, below I have a few detailed steps that you can order, have a similar hairstyle. Continue Reading


How to Meet Spring with Healthy Hair

After winter hair usually gets tired and exhausted. Causes – frequent washing and styling because of hats and central heating batteries, the cold and smog of city streets, temperature drops, reduced immunity, lack of sunlight and vitamins. These factors increase the dehydration of the scalp, and hair looks stale. Hair becomes more dry and lifeless, or on the contrary become more greasy, quickly get dirty and require washing and styling, which further dehydrates and damages hair. Continue Reading


How to Wash Hair Correctly?

Let’s examine some useful tips for hair health!

  • Comb your hair before washing so that they will be less tangled. You can make a head massage with a comb; this will increase the blood circulation to the head. Just comb your hair with a soft massage brush in different directions for 10 minutes.
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How to Massage the Head for Hair Growth

Head massage is a great way to strengthen hair and increase its growth. And you can do it at home by yourself! In this article, we will tell you how to do it correctly and receive more benefits from it.

Massage increases the blood circulation, that is very good for hair health. Massage takes less than ten minutes. You can do it with a comb or fingers while watching TV, for example.
During the massage and about an hour after there is an active secretion of glands sebum. So if you have oily hair, then massage your scalp just before washing. It is advisable to massage the scalp every day or at least every other day. Apply a hair mask after massage  – the hair skin will absorb it better. Continue Reading


Top-5 Best Hair Dryer Brushes

Every woman wants to look gorgeous that is why she style her hair and try to keep it healthy and beautiful. But sometimes it might be more difficult than we think. A hairstyling at home takes a lot of time, and not everyone can afford to visit hair salons every day. That is why such tool as a hair dryer brush become in-demand.

Hair dryer brush is a simple in use and convenient tool that make a curling process comfortable and pleasant. It combines several devices in a one: a hair dryer, a brush, and a curling iron. It can quickly curl hair and make a beautiful hairstyle in less than 15 minutes. Let’s now examine 5 best hot air brushes.

  1. Conair Electric Curling Brush

Conair curling brush is dual-voltage and compact. It has 2 heat settings (high and low), and convenient swivel 6-foot cord. It can be used to style both damp and dry hair. The brush has 2 attachments in the kit – one for small curls and another for more voluminous curls. The brush provides maximum heat transfer for long-lasting hairstyles, perfectly straightens hair without damaging it.

  1. Rowenta CF 9320 Heated Brush Styler

This curling tool has an automatic rotation of the brushes, 2 built-in ionizers, and a right/left rotation. This device quickly creates waves and curls, giving hair volume at the roots. The ability to use cold air helps to fix the created hairstyle. It is also provided with 2 temperature modes which allow to constantly control the process. Due to the short and thick bristles of the brushes, this brush does not tangle strands.

  1. Helen of Troy Round Brush Blow Dryer

This blow dryer brush is very simple and convenient hot brush. It is tangle-free and its bristles massage your scalp as well. The brush has a 3/4-inch removable rotating barrel, soft grip handle, and 8-foot swivel cord. Due to its features, you can create beautiful natural curls and add volume at the roots.

  1. John Frieda Curling Blow Dryer

This device makes gorgeous hairstyle very fast, and it does not damage hair much. It dries, curls and styles hair gently due to its features. Its bristles not only give your strands smoothness but also reduce static electricity. Moreover, its ionizing function helps to restore hair make it healthier. Due to the titanium ceramic coated barrel, your hair is dried from the inside and protected from overheating.

5.Revlon Brush Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has the power of 1100 watts. It is convenient to use, it dries and styles fast at the same time. The brush also has 3 heat settings so that you can choose the one that fits your hair type. Its negative ions provide additional care and protection and make your hair and shining brightly. Revlon Brush Hair Dryer quickly creates volume at the roots and make beautiful curls.

There are a lot of models of hair dryer brushes of different brands, and you can always find the one that will fit you best. And we hope that this review will help with a choice.