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Traveling Gave Me My Life Back

A guest post from Alexa of  The Mindful Maritimer :

After I graduated college, I had a feeling that I wasn’t doing what my heart truly wanted which let me to buy a one way ticket to Paris. I got my backpack, put inside few t-shirts, my favorite bamboo toothbrush and all necessary documents. I’ve been here for the past 10 month, not only working as as au pair, but also travelling around the other countries in Europe as well. Traveling has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living and has also given me my life back after a long battle with an eating disorder. Continue Reading

Guest Post, Health & Fitness

No-Equipment Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Let’s say ten, maybe fifteen years ago, people could have easily said that they did not even try to work out not because they couldn’t afford the expensive gym fees but because their lifestyle is not as stagnant as ours sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day plus, there are not that much preservatives and chemicals added on their food. But these days, our lifestyle, the food we eat, we really have no excuse not to get fit. But gym membership fee’s are too expensive! Continue Reading

Guest Post

4 Healthy Habits That Will Keep You Fit

Although many of us strive to get fit, we typically spend very little time thinking about how to stay in shape once we’re there. But we need to because, if we don’t, we may find it hard to keep all of the great results—that sexy, trim and tone body—we’ve worked so hard to earn. Continue Reading