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#Foodporn New York Food Trip

Warning: what you are about to see are some mouth watering foods that will make your tummy rumble. :p

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you probably saw my #foodporn photos from my New York trip flooding your feeds.

My New York trip was basically about exploring different places,meeting old (and new) friends and trying different bars and restaurants (I feel like I’ve gained weight since I got home from the trip :p ).

Planning on a New York food adventure? Check out this list:

1. Levain Bakery

167 W. 74th St.

New York, NY

I love Dark Chocolate so I got this Huge Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s so good! Also try their Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, I heard it’s one of local’s favorites.

This Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie tastes better than it looks! A good sweetie to start the day.

2. Nino’s 46

39 W. 46th St.

New York, NY

I ordered Panzanella (an appetizer) because I was feeling bloated from the flight and didn’t have much of an appetite. It’s good,light and healthy. I heard this place has really good pizzas and lunch sandwiches. You should try it out.

3. Shake Shack Burger

691 8th Ave.

New York, NY

My new favorite burger place. Try the Smokeshack (cheeseburger topped with ranch, bacon and their special shacksauce) and Shack Stack (cheeseburger and mushroom burger topped with lettuce,tomato and their special shacksauce). It’s super good!

Talking about foodgasm, this burger made me fall in love with burgers again.Only in New York!

4. Totto Ramen

366 W. 52nd St.

New York, NY

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without trying good ramen in New York City. Try the Mega Ramen it’s good and huge!

5. The Butcher’s Daughter

19 Kenmare St.

New York, NY

So simple yet so good! Avocado Toast and Cacao Sauve Smoothie for a light and healthy brunch. You should try it.

6. Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill

4-40 44th Dr.

Long Island City, NY

If you like to just chill with friends,watch the Long Island city view and enjoy drinking beer and some food then you should check this place out.

Bratwurst,condiments and a cup of beer.

7. Smorgasburg

90 Kent Ave.

Brooklyn NY

An all-food market usually happens on Saturdays. I ordered This delicious Red Curry Spicy Ramen.

Tip: Make sure to bring cash because they won’t be accepting cards. They have an atm machine but you have to wait in line.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this list helpful for your New York food adventures!

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