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Last weekend, my friend and I went out to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday at a lounge in San Francisco. The place was packed. It was too crowded. I’m not used to be in a crowded place where you try to squeeze yourself in to get through, I guess I’m quite done with the club/lounge scene (sign of getting old I think). We went outside the lounge to get some fresh air and my friend was taking pictures with her phone, I was going to take pictures with my phone but when I reached for my phone in my purse, it was gone. I was sure I put my phone in my purse because the last time I took it out of my purse, I checked my phone battery to make sure I can call uber or lyft home. But it was gone! My friends tried calling my phone but It went straight to voicemail. That sucks, right? Well, this is actually my 2nd time that I lost my phone this year; first time was from a night run (I lost it during the after party of the run).

Sigh.. Oh well.. Life still goes on, the only way to do is to learn from it now that it happened the 2nd time. I’ll keep a better eye next time. Anyways, I just got a new phone! Glad I had phone insurance! :)

So earlier today when I got my phone, I was downloading some apps that I frequently use for my blog (and photos) and so I thought I’d write about it.

WordPress – I started this blog using but then I switched to a self hosted site weeks after. I use this app to quickly write or edit my post,check or read comments and statistics,upload photos from my phone and read other blogs. It’s really convenient for me especially when I’m not at home with my computer or when I don’t have my notebook with me.

Camera+ – is a photo editing app. I’d say this is a must have app for photo editing. I use this app to almost all of my photos on the blog especially when my photos were taken in a poor or low light. It’s fun,clean and easy to use. It makes your photos look clean and more professional.

Moldiv – it’s a collage photo editor. I use this for adding fonts (see on my recipe photos) and fun looking collage. They also have a collage template where your collage looks like a magazine cover. Super fun!

PhotoFrame – it’s similar to moldiv app but on the simplier side (in my opinion) it’s clean and simple and what I really like about this app is you can adjust and the borders and you can make video collage too!

So there you have it! I have exposed my blogging/photo editing secret. I might have more apps to use in the future but these are my essentials for blogging and photo editing using my smartphone.

So what app do you use for blogging and photo editing? Please share by leaving a comment below. I’m curious to know :)

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