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5 Things To Know Before Travelling To New York

Planning on a trip to New York? Here are 5 quick tips (I think) you should know before visiting New York. These tips are based on my experience when I visited the Big Apple a few months ago and so I thought I should share a few tips with you to give you a heads up:

Tip# 1 Wear your most comfortable shoes.


New York is a big city and people rely on public transportation to get around. When you’re in New York, I highly recommend to wear your most comfortable shoes to walk in. I prefer wearing sneakers or shoes that have a good sole cushion, you will do a LOT of walking.

Tip# 2 Bring at least $2 worth of change (coins not paper money) when taking a bus, they won’t accept bills.

If it’s your first time taking a bus there and don’t have a metrocard (will explain about metrocard next), make sure to bring at least $2 worth of change (coins not bills). They won’t accept bills.

Tip# 3 Buy a Metro Card when you take the Subway.

A metro card is your ticket to use the subway/bus. I prefer to get the unlimited pass so you can take the subway and/or bus as much as you want especially if you want to travel around New York. The unlimited pass is around $30, you can use it anytime for 1 week. It’s cheaper than paying per ride.

Tip#4  Don’t give away your MetroCard, ever!

When taking the Subway back to the airport, please do not give away your metro card to people waiting outside asking for your card. Some people will say “you don’t need the card anymore because you’re already heading to the airport”, please do not give it away (it’s a trick!) especially if your metro card is unlimited and still valid. You will still need to use the metro card to use the transfer train to the terminal.

Tip#5  These Stunts/Mascots aren’t free!

You’ll find these cute,fun and attractive stunts/mascots around Times Square. If you want to take pictures with/of them, they’ll expect you to give them tips (money). Taking photos with them isn’t free. These guys can be mean if you don’t give them tips.

Have fun on your New York trip! and remember these 5 quick tips 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like this article!

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