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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

This post is to all my lovely readers out there who are planning to start a blog. Now, I know you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog for a while and can’t wait to share your ideas to the world of internet but I have to tell ya, blogging is not for everyone. No, I’m not trying to scare you off or anything, I’m just telling you based on my experience. Don’t worry, I am here to share a few things that I’ve learned and wish I knew before I started blogging so you know what to expect when you start your own blog.

So here it goes… 5 things I wish I knew before I started blogging:

Blogging takes a LOT of work!

I didn’t know how much work blogging was until I started writing posts. Blogging is like having a full time job: writing,taking photos/videos,editing photos/videos,sharing to other social media sites,commenting/networking and so much more!

Blogging takes time.

When I published my first blog post, I kept checking my stats to see how many views I have. For my first 3 months of blogging, I got like maybe 3 viewers a month and I was really frustrated and felt like giving up. Blogging takes time to get more viewers and feedback. Think of your blog as a new born baby, have patience, give it some tender,love and care and your blog will grow and get views and feedback eventually so don’t give up!

Not everybody supports or takes you seriously and that’s okay.

I remember when I told my friends and family about my blog and they give me this look like I was joking or I was just wasting my time or something, even my ex boyfriend told me “who cares about that stuff?”…  seriously!?! They don’t understand about the blogging world but that’s okay. It’s my passion, I love what I do and that what matters most.

You can get help from other bloggers.

This is related to #3. It’s super hard to feel inspired and motivated to blog when you feel like nobody understands what you’re doing. I felt lost,frustrated and uninspired until I started to meet and network with like-minded people. I started to get great advice from other bloggers,helping each other out and getting to know them. I surround myself  with people who will help me grow and inspire me more to do the things I love.

Explore and have fun.

I was too focused on my numbers; likes, views, comments and number of posts that I lost my sense of self and burn myself out. I was mentally and physically drained then I learned that it’s okay to take a break from technology from time to time, go out and have fun. It helps me clear my mind, enjoy life and inspire to blog more.

So there you have it! I hope you find this article helpful and I wish you the very best on your blogging journey!

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