“Tarzan Boy” Zumba Dance Routine (ZIN 62)

It’s finally here! I just uploaded my first Zumba dance routine video! Woohoo!!! You can now dance with me in the comfort of your home! I gotta be honest, I’m a little camera shy but hopefully I’ll be more confident and clean on my cues and moves on cam in the future. Just give me some time to loosen up.

This video was taken a few months ago when my mom and I arrived to the studio way too early for class so we could practice and just have a mom and daughter time.

The song is called “Tarzan Boy” a cover by Zumba.

Dance type: Salsa

I Hope you like it and will post more routines soon! Enjoy!



Thank You, 2016! 

It’s hard to believe that the year has come to an end, geez! where did the time go?  I’d like to thank everyone who’ve witnessed,supported and joined me in my 2016 journey. This is an interesting year for me, from taking risks to changing careers and  starting my own business, it was a fun learning experience. I will keep learning and improve myself and maybe discover more new things about me in the new year.

Below is the slideshow of my Zumba journey; photos of me and my fabulous students. As some of you know that I started teaching Zumba in January of 2016 and since then, my career life has changed! Enjoy watching the slideshow and have a wonderful holiday!


5 Ways To Burn More Fat In Your Zumba Class

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This post is about all Zumba lovers that are having fun while working out, but want to step up a level.

Zumba has helped millions of people all over the world to melt down the unnecessary pounds; here are a few tips to get the most of your Zumba workouts and burn more fat in order to reach your goals faster.

Enjoy your workout

Zumba is a great way to let loose while you are burning calories, as we are not talking about the boring exercising in the gym with people that make you lower your confidence.

Zumba is taking your workout to a level where you enjoy the music and the dance moves.

That is why it is important to find the right Zumba class for you, where the energy level is the right for you, where you can make friends with the rest of the group and feel part of a community that is on the same path of reaching their goals.

It is also important to feel that the instructor is as energetic and motivational as you need. Do not be afraid to visit different Zumba classes and do not get disappointed if you do not find the right one straight away.

It is important to feel comfortable and really enjoy your workout, so that you can work hard and regularly in order to shake off the pounds.


Change the routine

Your body is smart and designed to save energy.
If you do the same routines during your Zumba classes, your body will adjust to them, so that it can still save energy.

It is important to find a Zumba class where the instructor is changing the choreography every so often, so that the levels of fat burned keep up.

Work hard

Try to maximize your arm movements during a workout and if there are some new moves that you have not mastered already, just rock the ones you know and you are confident with.

Start a healthy diet

We all know that only 20% of the success to reach weight loss goals belongs to the workouts, all the rest depends on eating healthy.

Pick a diet that is right for you and combined with the fun during a Zumba class, you will be soon achieving great results.

Keep track of your progress

Forget about the traditional weighing scales and get equipped with a body fat monitor to keep track of your fat loss.

It is essential to know where you are at not only with the readings of your weight, but with your body fat percentage as well.

In order to start burning fat, you need to try and reach a minimum heart rate during your Zumba class – It is really a High intensity Cardio training. So maybe it is a good idea to get yourself a heart-rate monitor.


Author’s Bio:  Rudy Dewatine is an adventurous digital nomad and fitness enthusiast from France.